Carpet Cleaning Bellingham WA

Carpet Cleaning Bellingham WashingtonHi. My name is Terry Brevik and I own Fjord King Carpet and Upholstery Care in Bellingham, Washington. I promise to clean your carpets safely, quickly and professionally to your satisfaction and to the best of my abilities. Please call me today! I will be glad to give you a no-obligation estimate on all your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs. Call 360 738 7115

Here’s Why You’ll Get A Cleaner, Fresher, Brighter Carpet Cleaning With Our Clean And Rinse System AND Why This Amazing System is Better Than Any Carpet Cleaning System You’ve Ever Had Before…
Did you know many carpet cleaners leave hidden, dirt attracting “soap” in your carpet after they’ve cleaned it? Its true. Not only is this harsh soap unhealthy for you and your family, but it is also deadly to your carpet. This sticky soap attracts dirt, dulls your carpet, and makes spots return quickly. It even shortens your carpet’s life, so you’re forced to buy expensive new carpet sooner.

Fjord King Cleans Your Carpet Right

Clean carpet in Bellingham WA Because I rinse the detergents away harmlessly after cleaning, my Clean and Rinse system cleans better. It leaves your carpet cleaner and healthier- with more”bounce.” Since no dirt attracting soap is left behind, ugly spots don’t return quickly. Your carpet stays fresher, cleaner and looks better longer.

Even if your carpet is a dirty, dull and spotted mess, you’ll be amazed at how nice and clean I can get it for you!

100% No Risk Guarantee
Every job comes with my Iron Clad Risk Free Guarantee